Learning Korean On The Go


I have been looking for ways to be more effective with my Korean learning. I’ve noticed I write a lot of lists, listen to podcasts and series, but I am suffering from the «I-know-I’ve-heard-this-word-before» syndrome without really making any progress. With the return of sunny days here in Montreal, I’ve also found it more difficult to force myself to sit down in front of a book, an app, or an italki lesson. I felt like I had to choose betweeen working on my target language and enjoying my other activities. Not anymore.

I love to walk. I walk to work every day. For me, being on the go rarely means to sit on a bus. I’ve discovered two language resources for Korean learning which have simplified my life this month, and which perfectly fit my lifestyle.


I saw reference to that app on Twitter a while ago. But when I hear « method », I always think those old black and white books with phony dialogs that are totally disconnected from reality. And the name. It reminded me of a cookie. And the price? It was not on the cheap side.

But then I saw this video from Eurolinguiste who seemed all excited about the kits she received. I was intrigued, so I downloaded a sample to see what it was all about. Then, I bought a few lessons, just to see. Next thing I knew, I was a regular user, talking alone in Korean on my way to work.

What is it, and what it does

I take my Pimsleur lessons for a walk on a daily basis. Lessons are about half an hour. There is no need to take notes or to worry about grammar. What you have learnt will be repeated the next day, in a different context.

What is really cool about those lessons is that you are plunged into an imaginary dialog. This reminds me of my Home Alone days, where I was creating dialogs in my room. You are asked to speak up throughout the whole lesson. This is not one of those method when you are asked to repeat after a native speaker. You can literally take part to the conversation. Dialogs gradually put you in contact with new words and expressions, with just enough repetition for you to build new connections with what you already know.

Of course, I don’t think I would be using this method alone if I were to learn Korean from scratch, but right now, it feels exactly like what I need.


Talk To Me In Korean – Super Intense Review kit

reveiwkit_level1_1024x1024You all know my interest for the TTMIK products. They are created by passionate and talented people and are really well done. Among their audio products, you will find the Super Intense Review kits.

Unfortunately, only two levels are available at the moment, but they can be useful if you have just begun.

If you are a fan of their podcasts, you are going to like this. This is basically Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun helping you to revise your notes. It works a bit like a drill. You will be asked to translate some sentences or to answer questions, and you will be given some time to do so before to hear the answer. Very useful if you want to review what you have learnt during the lessons without having to write down anything. It forces you to think quickly, just like during a real life conversation.

What do you use to learn your target language when you are on the go?



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