#ClearTheList – May Edition


Where did April go?

It’s been raining for days here in Montreal. We all wonder if we are ever going to see the sun again. Perfect weather to study or to reflect on my learning goals for the month though.

Focussing on the good

My Korean learning doesn’t go as fast as I would like it to. I’ve put far more effort into it than into any other language I’ve learnt so far, but I still don’t see results. I still can’t read simple news articles. Still can’t watch dramas without subtitles. Still can’t write properly. Still can’t remember that one word, even though I wrote it down in every notebook possible. I can’t make time for all the learning activities I decided I should do.

But while I focus on the things I can’t do and the things I didn’t do this month, I don’t see the progress I have made. Because I did progress. I realized this while looking back at my old notes and my books. I guess I never take time to look back and congratulate myself for what I have achieved. So for now on, I’ll try to be more positive. I’ve also decided to take the TOPIK test in October to benchmark my Korean learning. I’ve never been a fan of language tests, but I will use this as a source of motivation.

To see how positive thinking applies to language learning, check out this article from Polyglot’s Diary which inspired me for my goals of the month.

Taking time to review

I realize I take a lot of notes, I bookmark a lot of things, but I end up not reviewing any of them. I keep looking up the same words again and again in my dictionary or forget the same sentence patterns. I will take some time in May to go back to the basics,  to listen to old podcasts, review my notes and enter some of the words in my flashcard app. I create a new list every week with the important words I’ve seen and some of the words from the previous list that I still can’t remember.

I’m still waiting for a Korean version of Duolingo, but in the meantime, I’ve discovered the Sejong application for Korean learners, thanks to another blogger. I think I’ll be spending some time on that cool app in May to review vocabulary.

Giving back

In April, I’ve discovered many interesting bloggers and exchanged Tweets with some of them. I really like the camaraderie that comes from being part of that language learners community. I am thrilled that some of them are learning French. I would like to help. Correcting journals on italki and writing more #Ask Marie, where I answer  tricky questions about French language, are two fun ways to do so.

Having fun

Learning a language should be fun. I’ve decided to please myself with this month’s challenges:

Sending a video entry in Korean for a contest.

Catching up with my favourite italki teachers to practice my speech for the contest.

Buying my ticket for Langfest in Montreal (!!)

Starting a new Korean series without subtitles (I’ve heard good things about Tunnel).

Joining a subbing team on Viki.

Writing at least a Tweet or an Instagram comment in Korean to a Korean person I follow.


And the next thing we know, it’s June already.


#ClearTheList is all about reflecting on your progress of the past month and setting new language learning goals for the coming weeks. It’s hosted by Lindsay (Lindsay Does Languages), Kris Broholm (Actual Fluency), Angel Pretot (French Lover), and Shannon Kennedy (Eurolinguiste). There are a lot of cool language related blogs to discover at the same time. If you’d like to join the party, you can find the rules and more information here:



  1. I understand your struggle with Korean as I have pretty much the same with Japanese. Complete new “alphabet(s)” and completely different grammar, way of thinking… The difficulty makes it beautiful too though 🙂
    Have fun and good learning in May!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the idea to make language learning fun – what a positive and healthy mentality! I also agree about the language learning community as a whole being helpful. I’m new to iTalki but I love the way people band together on the site to help each other succeed. It sounds like you have a really great outlook and approach to reaching your language goals. Good luck in May!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m happy you managed to switch from “what I didn’t do” to “oh look, I actually learned a lot!”. And yay for more articles about French, that will indeed be useful for my studies.
    Good luck with all your goals 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I relate so much to many things on this post (first of all, the weather despair -in Helsinki we’re wondering if summer will ever arrive!). I’ve also lately paid attention to reviewing, which I realised I haven’t been doing enough. I’m just not sure yet about the best method to review eg. my notes, because just reading through them seems dull and inefficient. How do you review?
    Good luck to you for your goals in May and have a lot of fun with language learning!

    Liked by 1 person

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