[Book Review] Korean From Zero!


I will cut the suspense short: I liked it. If you want to know how this book can help your Korean learning, keep reading.

When I started learning Korean, I couldn’t wait to quit the hangul and greetings to really see what the language was all about. I was already using Talk To Me In Korean, but somehow, I needed something different on the side to explore.

I stumbled upon Learn Korean From Zero while looking for new material online. You can download it for free on their website (really!) or print pages as you like. I ended up buying a paper copy for myself from Amazon.

Learn Korean From Zero is at the same time a textbook and a workbook. It covers pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence building, grammar, common mistakes, conversation samples and even some cultural aspects of the language. Each chapter contains a little bit of everything, which makes learning diversified and engaging.

For me, it felt as if I had borrowed class notes from a friend. The book goes straight to the essential, gives practical tips on the spot and is designed in a way that it encourages personal note taking, drawing and highlighting. I find it perfectly adapted to independent learners who like to learn in a non-linear way and scribble in the the margins.


This book has obviously been written by enthusiast Korean language lovers who are not trying to sell one of their ebooks. The style is not pretentious at all, non-conventional, and yet very dense. Even if I’m a little more advanced now, it turns out to be a good reference book.

Volume 1 covers pronunciation, future past and present, counters, negatives, dates and time (among many other things).

Volume 2 dives deeper into the particules, the adverbs, expressing emotions and contractions.

Volume 3 covers advanced phrases and verbs, indirect speech, etc.

Check their website for more details.


What is your favourite Korean workbook?

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