Resources for intermediate Swedish learners


So, you’ve learnt Swedish greetings. You can present yourself, count to 100 and ask for your way to Sergels torg. Now what?

I have to confess that my learning of Swedish went very smoothly. I never had to buy any textbook, download an app or go through a drastic language routine. Living in Sweden made things easy for me, as every interaction with my surroundings was an occasion to learn something new.

I get it. Not every Swedish learner has a chance to spend a year in Stockholm. But have you ever thought of including a bit of Swedish into your daily life? Here’s my suggestions!

Stay informed

Swedish news are too much for you to handle yet? Here’s some resources adapted to intermediate learners that you can integrate into your daily routine.

I love 8sidor. Each news article comes with audio and a translation in your language. For a classic, easy to read newspaper, check out Sesam.

Listening to Swedish radio can be easy, thanks to these simplified Klartext news. You can also watch the news from SVT in easy Swedish and stay informed about the latest events.



Learning Swedish has never tasted any better with these cooking websites. Make a new recipe every week and increase your food vocabulary in no time.

Köket offers easy recipes and videos showing you how to prepare them. has a tons of recipes, including Swedish classics like kladdkaka, våfflor and bullar. Mmmm.

ICA is a supermarket and has interesting recipes on its website.


Entertain yourself

Find a musik group you like, or tune in to one of your favourite Swedish radio station or podcast and listen to it on the go. Make sure to check out Kent, one of Sweden’s most iconic music band.

Find videos and vlogs from native speakers on Youtube, whether you want to learn about make up, have a laugh or learn more about the Swedish way of life . Some videos even have subtitles.



Finding easy readings for adults is not always easy, but you can find lots of titles at Vilja or borrow easy e-books from Stockholm’s stadsbibliotek for free.

If you have just started learning Swedish, you might as well like this article of mine.

If any of these links has been helpful, or if you have more to suggest, let me know !

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